Giving classic bmw's a new life

Munich Icons on a mission to recreate the original 323i e21

R3born is a reincarnation of the iconic BMW 323i of the late 70s and early 80s.
The idea of tackling a classic has been around for a while, but it only took shape when I bought myself a BMW 3-series model E21.
The playful character and creamy six in line give this car the typical appeal for which BMW is known.
The 323 was for many the first fast 3-series at the time, long before there was the M3.
Project R3born is not a back dating like this is the case with the Porsches from Singer, but a complete makeover with a modern approach.

This car is a classic in a modern jacket, as it were.

Everything starts with the body that, in addition to a complete restoration, also undergoes the necessary adjustments.
This ranges from internal reinforcements to discreet cosmetic changes to replacing all steel body panels with carbon ones.
The entire “skin” of the car is made of carbon with a view to maximum weight saving.
The fenders are slightly adjusted during this process, the main change is the widening of the wheel arch edges.
This adjustment is made entirely in the style of the car and is necessary because of the wider wheels that the car gets.
Smaller body parts such as the bumpers, moldings and trunk spoiler are also made of the same exotic material. The latter is also our own design with a nod to the current generation of M models.
The front spoiler is also a home creation and, in addition to having a cosmetic function, also has large openings that must provide the brakes and technology with the necessary cooling.
In terms of technology, just about everything is taken care of and adjusted.
Classic BMWs are known for their fickle character, especially in wet roads. To remedy this problem, the entire rear wheel suspension can be adjusted and equipped with the necessary upgrades.
Every R3born will be placed on a fully adjustable Bilstein suspension, optionally we can even offer an Öhlins suspension system that makes the car more trackday oriented.
A self-locking differential is standard.
Engine wise there is a choice between three power outputs.

The entry level is a 3.0L with 240hp. This engine is focused on largely street use and is distinguished by its linear character and comfortable running culture.

Following stages are 280hp and 350hp, respectively from a 3.0L or 3.2L six-in-line.
Each power source is linked to a manual six-speed gearbox.
Major steps are also being taken with regard to braking.
A tailor-made system ensures the much needed braking of every R3born. Just like with motorization, various options are offered here too.
The customer determines what he will use the car for and tailors his choice to the intended use.
Wheels are our own unique design and strongly refer to the classic multi-spoke Alpina rims of the time.

Every R3born will be on 17 inch rims, a necessity to house the brakes and to be able to transfer the extra power to the road surface.

Finally, the interior is discussed.

Just like the rest of the car, this is completely rebuilt.
We go for a mix of various classic and exotic materials that contribute to a homogeneous whole with a high level of finish.
Several things are changed, especially the lack of a rear seat is one of the most striking changes, but the raceshifter is also a prominent appearance in the driver’s cab.
An integrated sound system with the necessary contemporary functions contributes to the comfort on board, but the general atmosphere is focused on sportiness and style.
Electric windows or heated seats are not the order of the day, other auxiliary systems are also out of the question.
Low car weight is crucial for this project, as is efficiency and driving pleasure.
The first R3born is now being built in our workshop.


When restoring or building cars, the search for parts is always challenging. Some items are NLA or just bad quality aftermarket.
At Munich Icons we try to fill in those gaps by redesigning and developing new parts on the same high level as the cars we build.
Some of these items are simply replacements, other parts are an upgrade over the original or even a totally new design.
Quality is key and all our designs have been used and tested on our own cars before going on sale. This is how we can guarantee your satisfaction and excellent value for money.
We also sell second hand parts for E21 and E24, send us a mail if you are looking for something specific and we will try and help out the best we can.

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