Maintenance and repairs

No job is too small and even simple repairs and maintenance are done with care and respect.
You can also call on us for troubleshooting and solving problems of different
origins be it electric, mechanical or other.
’Sharknose’ models are our core business but younger cars up to E46 are also welcome.

Mechanical restoration

A tired engine, failing gearbox, seized brakes or even a full-on nuts and bolts restoration.
We can handle just about anything you can imagine.
Munich Icons is a father to son business with over 40 years of experience, there is no job we can’t take care of.
Everything is carried out in our own workshop and done by the book, we work with precision and passion to get your beloved classic back in shape!

Body work

Rust repair, respray or full body restoration, we got you covered.
With years of experience we can guarantee you the highest level of finish and a long lasting result.
We only work with quality products and go the distance. No cutting corners or half measures when restoring cars.
Every project or job is executed with attention to detail and in line with the car owners desires.


Being a huge fan ourselves of restomodding vintage BMW’s, this is certainly something we master very well.
We have carried out a number of modifications to different cars in many ways.
Some are minor adaptations such as a 5-speed gearbox or better brake system, other cars were modified more extensively showing one-off engine swaps, updated interior, carbon fiber body parts or even a complete makeover.
Our very own demo car, the silver ‘R3born’ prototype is a cumulation of all our experience and know-how. 
Got something in mind? Get in touch and we will discuss possibilities!